First Sunday in Lent – Tempted in the Desert

Why not follow the refection’s that the National JPIT team will be putting together this Lent. During Lent we will be producing a set of reflections that are primarily designed to be used by congregations in Sunday services, but will also be of value for personal reflection during this season. They explore how we are … Continued

Human Rights Resource

our Human Rights resource Human rights legislation over the past 70 years has arguably resulted in some of the greatest advances for human society. People are able to seek protection against torture and discrimination, and are recognised to have rights to life, family relationships, freedom of religion and privacy. Yet at the same time there … Continued

Fracking Study Resources

Fracking: A briefing for our Churches Part of our work involves exploring the issues around fracking, something which is of concern to many people in our churches and communities. We have produced a briefing for our members to help facilitate conversations and thinking about fracking. The briefing argues that a policy that seeks to incentivise … Continued