Faith in Politics: the 2017 General Election
Posted on 10 May 2017 by Lucy Zwolinska
Faith in Politics: The 2017 General Election




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Every General Election presents an opportunity for citizens to participate critically and constructively in the democratic process. It may be a cliché to suggest that there has “never been so much at stake”, but there is an element of truth to this saying. We are living in an unprecedented political moment. There are many things that are uncertain about the future of our country, and this is an important opportunity for you to challenge and scrutinise the policies and rhetoric of politicians.

As a Christian people, we believe that not only has our world and those who live in it been made by God, but the systems and structures that hold us together are part of God’s purpose too. We are called to draw attention to the needs of the oppressed, to speak out with the marginalised, and perhaps to highlight issues that are overlooked by mainstream coverage. We need to ask “who is our neighbour?” when we vote.

While some may welcome the opportunity that a General Election presents, many may feel worn out by politics. Perhaps that means it’s even more essential that Christians recognise their responsibility to think about what this election means for our communities and the situations where we want most to see change.

How to use this resource

This briefing explores four key issues around the election as straightforwardly as possible, laying out the key facts rather than telling you to vote for a particular party. At the end of each section you will also find some questions, to help you reflect on the issue. So why not sit down with friends over a pot of tea and use our questions to guide a conversation about one issue in particular?

Bible study groups could use this briefing in conjunction with our bible reflection materials This is a Time… to think about how Christians could respond to the 2017 General Election.