WITH THE POOR by John Battle

The Joseph Rowntree report “UK Poverty 2017”, spells out that one in five people living in Britain are now struggling to make ends meet. The research found 400,000 more children and 300,000 over 65-year olds now living in poverty compared with the numbers in 2012-3. In other words, the total numbers in poverty according to … Continued

Let the lived stories drive the agenda by Graham Brownlee

As our government is preoccupied with Brexit the tightening crisis of poverty continues through the current welfare reforms. This week, Parliament has being debating the roll out of Universal Credit, and one exchange hit the headlines – as Frank Field described his recent experience in persuading a man not to commit suicide and of another … Continued

The North Is Livid – Crossrail 2 Philip Bee

The North is livid. It said so in a couple of articles I read this morning about Crossrail 2, a new transport initiative announced for London yesterday. That may be great for the South-east, but limited public finances mean that Government plans to invest in transport infrastructure for the North are now highly likely to … Continued

ACTION – Sainsburys and Fairtrade by Paul Morrision

Sainsburys have just ceased selling Fairtrade own-brand tea and are threatening to drop the Fairtrade label from all other produce. A ‘pilot’ project will instead set up a new Sainsbury’s ‘fairly traded’ scheme under terms defined by the company and not accredited by the Fairtrade Foundation. Other supermarkets could follow suit. This is a huge … Continued

We have Launched ! by Rev Philip Bee

After months in the planning, JPIT Yorkshire successfully launched last Saturday at Leeds Civic Hall. Rt Hon John Battle, Honorary Chair of JPIT Yorkshire, welcomed a hundred participants to a conference where our thoughts were led by Ryan Powell, reader in urban studies at Sheffield University, and Ed Cox, the Director of IPPR North. Under … Continued


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