The Joint Public Issues Team (Yorkshire) is a northern offshoot of national JPIT and is sponsored by the regional bodies of the Baptist, Methodist and United Reformed churches.

JPIT Yorkshire aims to:

a. Energise and affirm local churches as they live out the gospel of Christ in society.
b. Promote equality and justice by influencing those in power.
c. Promote the importance of Christian engagement with public issues.
d. Provide resources and support for those active in public issues in local churches.
e. Campaign using resources provided by JPIT nationally.
f. Foster debate and discussion among civic bodies in the region.
g. Respond to national, regional and local political consultations.
h. Provide briefings on current issues of public concern.

Our regional partnership is comprised of:

Yorkshire Baptist Association

Baptists see that the call of the gospel is to work for freedom, peace and justice, and that this is part of what it means to be a missionary people today.

Yorkshire Baptist Association

Yorkshire districts of the Methodist Church

Methodists have had a longstanding engagement with social issues that stretches back to the time of John and Charles Wesley.
West Yorkshire Methodist Church
York & Hull Methodist Church
Leeds Methodist Church
Sheffield Methodist Church

URC Yorkshire Synod

The United Reformed Church has a church and Society agenda, because it believes that the gospel challenges the way we live, both as society and as individuals.